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What are we waiting for, exactly?

If no one else wants to, I can go first.

Keeping in the Once More, With Feeling theme from the first filk, my first one is adapted from 'Under Your Spell'. It's from Cameron's POV, and I imagined it taking place during or near the date in Love Hurts... this was before I saw the episode, you understand.

I lived my life in sunshine
Never a bleak-toned day
It didn’t seem worth a whine
I figured life is that way
Now I’ve joined your fight
Something just isn’t right
I’m under your spell
How else could it be?
I’d put up with your cruelty?

I saw the world in trouble
Diseases run through the air
I knew right on the double
It was my job to repair
But your honesty
Makes it harder to see
I’m under your spell
Nothing I can do
You’re slaughtering my point-of-view
You’ve made your point so well
Finally I knew
The nasty things you said were true
I used to believe

I tried to ignore
To discount your lore
I’m under your spell
I’m so gullible
I’m holding you accountable
Why can’t I break your shell?
I’m trying not to see
You’re clinging to your misery
I almost believed
I almost believed
I almost believed
I almost believed

It's actually my only filk so far, but I've got a whole iTunes playlist of songs that remind me of House.
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